Hi, I’m Laurence


Hi, I’m Laurence

I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 59 years

I speak English, Portuguese, Dutch

I am a filmmaker


Hi there! I'm Laurence, your cheerful host to all things Amsterdam. What do I adore about this city? Its cozy size makes it a breeze to explore, the nightlife is always buzzing with cool bars and restaurants, and the rich history is visible at every turn. Amsterdam's charm? It's like a big village where adventure meets heritage. You'll often find me savoring a legendary broodje at Van Dobben or Sal Meijer, two of my favorite sandwich spots, or hanging out with friends in the heart of the city or the vibrant South. I'm all about diving into the authentic Amsterdam experience, far from the tourist trails. I pride myself on my insider knowledge of the city's hidden corners and local hangouts. Whether you're looking for that quaint café only the locals know about or the best spots to experience Amsterdam's creative vibe, I've got you covered. Let's explore the real Amsterdam together, the way only a true local can show you!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Theatre and Film science
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