Hi, I’m Todd


Hi, I’m Todd

I’ve lived in Nagasaki for 4 years

I speak English, Japanese and some French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean

I am Teacher


Hey there! I'm Todd, your friendly local host here in Nagasaki. Nagasaki has captured my heart with its breathtaking scenery of mountains and ocean, and its rich history, especially during its Edo period. You'll often find me wandering through the charming streets of Sotome or getting lost in the rich history of Teramachi neighborhoods. Oh, and when it comes to Nagasaki's fascinating past, especially the rangaku or "Western learning" era, I'm your go-to guy! I'm passionate about sharing my insights about foreign relations in Nagasaki. But beyond all that, what truly makes Nagasaki special to me is its spirit of peace, evident in every corner, especially at the Peace Museum. So if you're up for an adventure filled with warmth, history, and a dash of creativity, let's explore Nagasaki together!

My knowledge & interests

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