Hi, I’m Yoshi


Hi, I’m Yoshi

I’ve lived in Nagasaki for 22 years

I speak Japanese and some English

I am a tour guide


Hello! I'm Yoshiko, your warm-hearted host in the captivating city of Nagasaki, where every corner tells a story steeped in vibrant history. I find joy in the simple pleasures of hiking through our scenic landscapes and indulging in the finest sashimi, all the while soaking in the city's rich tapestry from the poignant Ground Zero and Peace Park to the charming ancient streets lined with stone bridges, temples, and the oldest shopping alleys. My passion extends to sharing the solemn history of the Atomic Bomb, the intriguing geography of Nagasaki, and the resilient spirit of the hidden Christians. Join me for a journey of discovery, reflection, and culinary delights, as we explore the depths of Nagasaki's soul together. Let's create memorable experiences that celebrate our city's past, present, and future!

My knowledge & interests

Street food Local cuisine Desserts Fine dining Unique & unusual foods Art galleries & museums Parks Gardens Scenic routes Hikes Religious history Street photography Classical architecture Wine Whiskey Third wave coffee Artisanal tea Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Popular culture Religious customs Lifestyle culture Vegetarian food Traditional drinks Japanese sake Second-hand markets Specialty shops Bookstores Antique shops Landscape photography Classical music Pop music Traditional music

Experiences I love to host