Hi, I’m Akane


Hi, I’m Akane

I’ve lived in Hiroshima for 23 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am Cabaret


Hey there! I'm Nagata, your friendly host in Hiroshima. Hiroshima holds a special place in my heart, especially for its historic sites like the iconic Atomic Bomb Dome and the awe-inspiring Miyajima. The rich history of Hiroshima never fails to fascinate me, and I take immense pride in sharing its stories with visitors. Whether it's the profound significance of the Peace Memorial Park or the ancient beauty of the Itsukushima Shrine, I'll ensure you have a deep understanding of Hiroshima's past and present. Oh, let's not forget the food! I simply adore dishes like okonomiyaki. I can take you to the city's best street food spots. With my insider knowledge, I'm here to ensure you have a fantastic time exploring this remarkable city. Get ready for an adventure you'll cherish forever!

My knowledge & interests

Street food Parks Gardens Wine Whiskey Third wave coffee Local beers Department stores Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture

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