Hi, I’m Alex


Hi, I’m Alex

I’ve lived in Montreal for 7 years

I speak English and some French

I am English Teacher


Hey there! I'm Alex, your friendly local host here in Montreal. I'm all about embracing the city's vibrant spirit and sharing its hidden gems with fellow explorers. From the buzzing music scene to the kaleidoscope of street art in the Plateau, Montreal's creativity fuels my adventurous soul. You'll often find me immersed in the rhythm of live shows or scouring vinyl shops for hidden treasures. Poetry nights are my sanctuary, where I sometimes muster the courage to share my own verses. And when it comes to uncovering Montreal's secrets, I've got you covered—from tucked-away taverns to the best thrift stores in town. So, whether you're craving a dive into the local culture or seeking offbeat experiences, let's dive into the heart of Montreal together. Let's create unforgettable memories in this city we call home!

My knowledge & interests

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Food markets Cinema Art galleries & museums Parks Social history Cityscape photography Street photography Modern architecture Artisanal tea Vintage shops Street markets Lifestyle culture Alternative or underground culture Digital art Thrift stores Video game stores Music stores Nature photography Post-modern architecture Gothic architecture Baroque architecture Rock music Metal music Indie music

Experiences I love to host