Hi, I’m Nadia


Hi, I’m Nadia

I’ve lived in Istanbul for 4 years

I speak Bengali, Turkish

I am Market Researcher


Hello! I'm Nadia, your local host and friend in the heart of Istanbul. My love for this city is as deep as the Bosphorus itself. I'm enchanted by Istanbul's rich history and vibrant culture, and I find joy in sharing its treasures with visitors. Whether we're navigating the colorful alleys of the Grand Bazaar, cruising along the Bosphorus, or exploring the lively streets of Taksim and Eminönü, every moment is an opportunity to connect with the soul of the city. As an Istanbul aficionado, I'm well-versed in its history, landmarks, and traditions. From hidden culinary gems to the best shopping spots, I'm excited to share my knowledge and passion with you. Join me, and let's discover the warm hospitality of Istanbul together!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Agricultural Engineering Hosts expertise Food Hosts expertise Nature / outdoors Hosts expertise History Hosts expertise Shopping Hosts expertise Culture & customs
Local cuisine Theater Cinema Art galleries & museums Street art Parks Gardens Scenic routes Wildlife Hikes Political history Economic history Social history Architectural history Religious history Cityscape photography Street photography Portrait photography Modern architecture Classical architecture High-end fashion boutiques Department stores Vintage shops Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Religious customs Rituals & ceremonial customs Local speciality drinks Painting Traditional art Digital art Contemporary art Art history Thrift stores Second-hand markets Specialty shops Bookstores Video game stores Music stores Antique shops Nature photography Ottoman architecture Pop music Jazz music Rock music Traditional music

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