Hi, I’m Dilek


Hi, I’m Dilek

I’ve lived in Istanbul for 30 years

I speak English

I am English Teacher


Hi there! I'm Dilek, your friendly local host here in vibrant Istanbul. Istanbul's charm lies in its fusion of cultures, and I adore how everything, from natural beauty to lively social scenes, is within reach. The Bosphorus holds a special place in my heart, bridging continents and offering breathtaking views. Whether it's wandering through historic streets or strolling along the Bosphorus, I'm always eager to uncover hidden gems with visitors. I know the city's beautiful neighborhoods like the back of my hand, ensuring an unforgettable experience. As an Istanbul guru in culture, nightlife, and food, I delight in sharing insider tips and recommendations. From traditional cuisine to contemporary art scenes, there's something here for everyone. Let's embark on a journey together and discover the magic of Istanbul!

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