Hi, I’m Danny


Hi, I’m Danny

I’ve lived in Singapore for 62 years

I speak English

I am Retiree


“Hello! I’m a true-blue senior-citizen Singaporean. Despite my age, I’m very young at heart, fit (cycle, do light weights, and play tennis…with the young), have a good sense of humor, and live life to the fullest. Born and bred in Singapore, naturally, I know my country like the back of my hand. From culture to religion. From food to entertainment. From the old to the modern. And more. Singapore is sometimes referred to as ‘Instant Asia’ - there’s a Chinatown, a Little India, a Malay Village, and many foreign communities. For foodies, Singapore is a haven. You can get food 24 hours from either a hawker center (street food), food court, or restaurant. You can find food from around the world here - Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Turkish, Mexican, Indonesian, Korean, and the list goes on. You name it, we have it! Eating at a hawker center is a must-try for tourists as it is one sure way to immerse into the local culture and have a good idea of efficient public housing.

My knowledge & interests

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