Hi, I’m Robyn


Hi, I’m Robyn

I’ve lived in Singapore for 62 years

I speak English, Mandarin

I am a Administrator


I am a true-bred and born Singaporean. This magnificent multi-racial city-state where I grew up is famous for many things, even though it lacked natural resources. We are very proud of our Changi airport which has recently been named the Best Airport in the world, yet again. We are famous for food like Hainanese Chicken rice, Chillie Crab, Satay, Laksa, Fried and soup prawn noodles, and many others. True blue Singaporean like me simply love eating. We will travel to the 4 corners of our island in search of delicious and affordable food. Arising from the many ethnic groups living here, we also find ethnic-based areas like Chinatown, Little India, Geylang Serai, Little Myanmar, and Little Thailand (which unfortunately was recently closed down due to the mall being sold) which are vibrant tourist attractions. These also made walking tours very interesting as one can experience the different cultures, food, and retail shops with unique architecture and facades. Other world-class attractions here include our Mandai Zoo, Bird Park, Botanical Gardens, and Gardens By The Bay. Our island may be small but we work hard to make tourists feel welcome and enjoy their stay here to the fullest. Everything runs efficiently here and most of us are at least bi-lingual with English as our main language (I am at ease using English and Mandarin) in addition to our local dialects.

My knowledge & interests

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