Hi, I’m Durga


Hi, I’m Durga

I’ve lived in Singapore for 30 years

I speak English

I am an Operations Manager


Hey there! I'm Durga, your friendly neighborhood host here in Singapore. What I adore most about this vibrant city is its incredible food scene, where every bite tells a tale of diverse cultures blending in delicious harmony. From hawker stalls to fancy restaurants, I know the tastiest spots! I'm also enchanted by Singapore's beautifully crafted temples, exploring the city's rich spiritual heritage, and finding peace in the urban chaos by exploring parks and gardens. Whether you want to delve into the bustling streets of Little India or stroll through the historical alleys of Chinatown, I know these neighborhoods like the back of my hand. So, if you're ready for an adventure filled with foodie delights, cultural wonders, and a whole lot of fun, I'm here to be your guide! Let's explore Singapore together and create some unforgettable memories.

My knowledge & interests

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