Hi, I’m Vicky


Hi, I’m Vicky

I’ve lived in Fukuoka for 10 years

I speak English, French, Japanese

I am Freelancer


Hello there! I'm Vicky, your friendly local host here in beautiful Fukuoka. What I adore most about this city is its perfect blend of an easygoing atmosphere, bountiful nature, and vibrant urban life. You'll often find me exploring hidden gems, seeking out new spots to visit, or sipping delightful brews in cozy coffee shops. But what truly makes my heart sing is Fukuoka's culture - whether it's joining the festivities at local festivals or delving into the fascinating world of our museums. My knowledge of Fukuoka extends far and wide, from the city's heart to its serene countryside. Whether you're yearning to explore Sasaguri's tranquil landscapes, Hisayama's cultural treasures, or the coastal beauty of Karatsu and Itoshima, I've got you covered. I'm your go-to guru to ensure your stay is extraordinary. Let's make your Fukuoka adventure unforgettable!

My knowledge & interests

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