Hi, I’m Tsutomu


Hi, I’m Tsutomu

I’ve lived in Fukuoka for 20 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am a Chef


I was born in Fukuoka and lived here until I was 19. I then moved to Tokyo, where I worked in the food and service industry in a few restaurants. I've lived in New Zealand and Australia for two years and in Canada where I applied for a Canadian permanent, which was granted. I used to work as an executive chef in high-volume trendy restaurants and small boutique hotel and I've run my own restaurants in various parts of the world. But after many different life experiences, I needed change. Fukuoka is well known as the gourmet capital of Japan. There are many museums and art galleries in Fukuoka city, I plan to visit each of them and I am sure you'd like to join me! Fukuoka is not as large as Tokyo or Osaka, but we have everything from modern Japan Rail stations to a baseball franchise with a dome ballpark, large parks, upscale shopping centres, hot springs and so much more. Fukuoka is rich in culture and history and an array of multicultural foods. Join me to explore the food-scene of the gourmet capital of Japan.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation School of Arts Photography

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