Hi, I’m Nadya

Hong Kong

Hi, I’m Nadya

I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 21 years

I speak English, Russian

I am an Interpreter


Hi there, I'm Nadya, your not-so-ordinary host to the wonderfully loud and lively streets of Hong Kong. You know, they say maturity comes with age, but I believe it also comes with a good sense of humor and a dash of adventure, both of which I have in spades! Hong Kong, with its spotless streets and a sense of safety that lets you roam freely, has become my playground for exploration and fun. Landmarks? Oh, I know them like the back of my hand. Boating in Hong Kong? It’s like riding a bike, but with more water and less traffic! I’m your insider for the best sightseeing spots and, dare I say, a connoisseur of hidden gems that even some locals haven't discovered. Let's find the heart and humor of Hong Kong and create stories worth telling back home!

My knowledge & interests

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