Hi, I’m TINA


Hi, I’m TINA

I’ve lived in Seville for 23 years

I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian

I am Freelance comerce and tourism


I‘m Tina, I live in Sevilla for several years now, I have a lot of travelling and very interesting life experiences, I’m extrovert open mind person, I understand and respect all nationalities, cultures and religions, I love dealing and enjoy with people. I am retired now and I do voluntary social work two days a week, so I have plenty time to do what I love the most, interact and discover again this magical city that is Sevilla. I will love you to be my guest, not just a tourist, and as my guest, you will not only see and take fantastic photos of the most populars places, I will take you to places, that otherwise on your own you might not get to see, but most fo all, I will do my best for you to feel the authentic idiosincracia of its people, how we are, why we are loud, joyfull and wellcoming, why so many children, why terraces are allways full, why it seems we live on the street, you will taste the real andalucian food, allways having in mind your preferences. I m sure you will go with a piece of Sevilla soul, wanting to recomend your experience.

My knowledge & interests

Street food Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Fine dining Unique & unusual foods Theater Cinema Art galleries & museums Street art Parks Gardens Scenic routes Political history Economic history Social history Religious history Cityscape photography Street photography Modern architecture Classical architecture Third wave coffee Local beers Artisanal tea High-end fashion boutiques Department stores Vintage shops Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Popular culture Religious customs Lifestyle culture Rituals & ceremonial customs Alternative or underground culture Gourmet food Local speciality drinks Traditional drinks Painting Performance art Traditional art Contemporary art Art history Thrift stores Second-hand markets Specialty shops Bookstores Music stores Antique shops Landscape photography Commercial photography Post-modern architecture Gothic architecture Spanish colonial architecture Ethnic culture Pop music Jazz music Rock music Blues music Traditional music R&B Soul music Funk music Reggae

Experiences I love to host