Hi, I’m Md Abu Bakor

Md Abu Bakor

Hi, I’m Md Abu Bakor

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 7 years

I speak English, Hindi, Bengali and some Japanese

I am a Teaching


am Maruf, a Bangladeshi. I have been living in Hiroshima for the last seven years. I got my master's and doctoral degrees from Hiroshima University, and now I am working for some elementary schools here in Hiroshima. I love living in Hiroshima. The people here are very friendly and welcoming. The city is very clean and safe. I have made many friends here, and I enjoy exploring the city and its surroundings. Hiroshima has a lot of interesting places to visit, such as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome. I also enjoy the local cuisine, especially okonomiyaki. I am very thankful for the opportunity to experience a different culture and to learn more about the world. I am also very proud to be part of the Hiroshima community and to be able to contribute to its development. I am also very passionate about helping the local community. I volunteer at a local charity organization, and I am also involved in various activities that promote peace and understanding between different cultures. I am very grateful for the opportunity to live in Hiroshima and to be part of this wonderful city. I am looking forward to continuing to explore and learn more about this amazing place. The Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima are two popular tourist destinations in Hiroshima. Except for those, Hiroshima has a lot of places to visit. I like mountains and the sea. I hope that you can spend a nice time with me. I am looking forward to meeting you and showing you around Hiroshima.

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