Hi, I’m Van


Hi, I’m Van

I’ve lived in Kyoto for 4 years

I speak English, Vietnamese

I am Researcher


Hey there! I'm Van, your local host here in Kyoto. You'll often find me lacing up my hiking boots, ready to explore the majestic mountains that cradle Kyoto. There's something truly magical about immersing yourself in the lush greenery and breathing in the crisp mountain air. I'm more than happy to show guests my favorite ramen spots. Trust me, I know the best ones where every slurp is a taste of pure joy! Navigating the neighborhoods of Kyoto is my forte. I know the streets of Gion or the tranquil lanes of Arashiyama like the back of my hand. I'll show you hidden gems you won't find in any guidebook. So, whether you're up for an adventure in the mountains, craving a steaming bowl of ramen, or eager to explore Kyoto's vibrant neighborhoods, I'm here to make it happen. Let's create unforgettable memories together in this magical city!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Materials Chemistry
Local cuisine Desserts Wildlife Hikes Cityscape photography Third wave coffee Department stores Rock music

Experiences I love to host