Hi, I’m Shun


Hi, I’m Shun

I’ve lived in Kobe for 28 years

I speak English

I am a office worker


Hi there! I'm Shun, your friendly and charming host for all things Kobe. My love for this city is as deep as the waters by our picturesque port side, a place I can't get enough of. From the vibrant hues of sunset at the beach to the bustling streets lined with unique local food and clothing shops, Kobe's lively atmosphere is what I cherish the most. As someone who's always been fascinated by the art, culture, and culinary wonders our city has to offer, I've made it my mission to explore every nook and cranny. Whether it's Sannomiya's lively heart or Suma's serene beaches, I know these neighborhoods like the back of my hand. From must-see spots that capture the essence of our city's beauty to the best local eateries where each bite tells a story of Kobe's rich culinary heritage. With me, you're set for an adventure filled with laughter, discovery, and perhaps a bit of Kobe charm. Ready to explore?

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