Hi, I’m Nico


Hi, I’m Nico

I’ve lived in Rome for 1 years

I speak French

I am an Archaeologist


Ciao! I'm Nicola, Rome's unofficial ambassador of laughter, warmth, and endless curiosity. My love for this city? It's like a well-seasoned pasta dish - full of art, archaeology, and culture at every corner, with a dash of the city's vibrant colors during those golden hours that make everything glow. I'm a maestro of meandering through Rome's lively streets, from the bohemian alleys of Trastevere to the hidden corners of Monti and the iconic splendor of Trevi. My mission? To uncover new tales about our eternal city, armed with my love for cultural sites and an insatiable curiosity that could rival even the most seasoned historians. As a connoisseur of Rome's archaeological treasures and a patron of its most characteristic spots to eat and revel in true Italian style, I've got stories and insights that'll make you see Rome in a whole new light. Join me, and let's find the humor in history together!

My knowledge & interests

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