Hi, I’m Nelson

New Orleans

Hi, I’m Nelson

I’ve lived in New Orleans for 40 years

I speak English

I am Brick Mason


Easy going, kind and considerate. I am a creative artist. I draw or write a poem off the cuff.I write songs about life in New Orleans, also a wide selection of artwork I created of the City.HI I’m Nelson Come to New Orleans, we’re Musically Delicious Come to New Orleans, you sure are going to miss us. Taste the tunes of our histories menus Come savor the flavor of jazz and blues Enjoy the ambiance, the artful interlude We’ve got the Rhythm and the Food. This is the introduction to my original Poem. New Orleans is a dazzling town, Food for all tastes, Music with every flavor and the kindness of locals giving you the experience of a lifetime.

My knowledge & interests

Local cuisine Food markets Street art Parks Gardens Scenic routes Economic history Social history Architectural history Cityscape photography Street photography Wine Department stores Vintage shops Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Lifestyle culture Alternative or underground culture

Experiences I love to host