Hi, I’m Andrew


Hi, I’m Andrew

I’ve lived in Manchester for 23 years

I speak English

I am a Host/Guide


As someone who has gained experience at both ends of the travel industry, working as a travel consultant for almost 3 years and as a host/guide for the world's no.1 scenic train with the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada storytelling and hosting, I believe my personal experiences as well as my professional knowledge would make me a fantastic host in the city I grew up in and love. I have also recently returned from a fantastic host role with The Yacht Week in Croatia, taking care of 8 guests at a time on a sailing yacht as we meandered around the islands. I received glowing feedback from both customers and management consistently. I love to travel and explore, and sharing the stories with visitors to Manchester would be perfect for me. I have been fortunate to visit over 50 countries and I believe these experiences have made me personable with people from all cultures and backgrounds, an excellent ability when dealing with visitors from overseas. I consider myself a very people focused, entertaining, person and with that very approachable. I enjoy playing guitar and have played at many small & larger venues around the world. I also have a passion for magic and perform close-up street magic at Fringe festivals. Despite visiting a whole range of cities, I consider manchester to be one of the best places in the world. Manchester is saturated with musical history and heroes, constant reminders of the industrial era, and a passion for football that rivals any other along with a northern nightlife and friendly atmosphere.

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