Hi, I’m Simon


Hi, I’m Simon

I’ve lived in Manchester for 7 years

I speak English

I am a Insurance Broker


Hi! I am Simon I am an insurance broker and I've lived in Manchester for almost a decade. I believe it is a place that growing up as a teen I often looked to for inspiration and in awe, in part due to its cultural references and inspiration in sport and music (two great interests for me!). I have seen this city change during the past few years since I have lived here but also seeing it from afar being born just 40 minutes from Manchester I grew up always wanting to visit and live here; I have especially seen the city growing both in size, population and let but least in popularity. I love spending time sightseeing, walking around the city through narrow alleys and paved streets: there are plenty of tourist sights and things to see here, but also hidden spots in Manchester which I’d love to share with others.

My knowledge & interests

Desserts Food markets Political history Social history Local beers Artisanal tea Department stores Vintage shops Street markets Popular culture Lifestyle culture Alternative or underground culture

Experiences I love to host