Hi, I’m Flo


Hi, I’m Flo

I’ve lived in London for 5 years

I speak English, Spanish, Italian

I am Sales Manager


Hello there! I'm Flo, your go-to local host here in London, and I'm thrilled to share my city with you. What I adore most about this vibrant metropolis are the endless events and activities that keep this city alive. From artsy exhibitions to lively street festivals, there's always something happening. London's various restaurants and pubs are a culinary adventure waiting to be explored. Whether you're craving international cuisine or classic British fare, I know the place. Museums and galleries are my passion, and London's got them in spades! I can unravel the mysteries of Islington, uncover the hidden gems of Southwark, reveal the secrets of the City of Westminster, and show you the beauty of the South West neighborhoods. So, let's embark on a thrilling London adventure together and make your visit an unforgettable journey through the soul of this incredible city!

My knowledge & interests

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Street food Local cuisine Theater Cinema Art galleries & museums Parks Gardens Scenic routes Economic history Social history Architectural history Cityscape photography Street photography Vintage shops Street markets Gourmet food Traditional art Specialty shops Bookstores Food photography Nature photography Post-modern architecture Gothic architecture Baroque architecture Spanish colonial architecture Ottoman architecture Pop music Hip-hop

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