Hi, I’m Fiona


Hi, I’m Fiona

I’ve lived in London for 35 years

I speak English

I am English teacher


Fun fact about me: I grew up on a coffee farm in East Africa. I first came to London as a student 35 years ago and never left. For the first 2 years I avoided the tube and so discovered London by bus - there isn't an area I haven't been to and seen! I have travelled the world and have a degree in Farsi. I can also speak French, Spanish and Kiswahili at a basic level. I love multicultural London and as an English teacher have made friends with people from just about every country in the world. I love languages, food, cooking, and culture, mostly world music and dance, and theatre. I'm interested in all types of art and design, and museums. I am also passionate about history and in particular sharing my knowledge of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster with guests. I also have an unhealthy interest in detective crime novels, written any time from 1900 to the present day. Most of all I love discovering and sharing with others this amazing city full of hidden surprises.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation BA(hons) Faris

Experiences I love to host