Hi, I’m Alexandros


Hi, I’m Alexandros

I’ve lived in Brighton for 2 years

I speak English, Greek

I am a Architect

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Hello! My name is Alexandros (Alex), Greek in origin and residing in Brighton since 2014, when I came for my masters in Urban Design. I am genuinely a city person. I was born in a city, raised in a city, loved and been loved in a city. Without neglecting the rural, cities shape our personalities and interests while we shape cities as well. I am an architect and the city is my subject. I love music and arts and I always try to experience first-hand all those aspects that make our cities beautiful and/or unique, interesting and friendly. I am a psychogeographic enthusiast, meaning I pay extra attention to local history, obscure legends and 'uncharted' territories while I always try to experience my locale from the flipside of modernization.

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Hosts graduation MA Architectural and Urban Design
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