Hi, I’m Pernilla


Hi, I’m Pernilla

I’ve lived in Stockholm for 50 years

I speak English, Swedish

I am Sewing Yoga Teacher, Sales in IT, Leader Bike Guide, Host, Investor


I am born and raised in Stockholm and I love my home town. I love to go to museums and to find new fun and great places for Fika or dinner or Sunday brunch in city center. I am an outdoor person and love to bike and walk in the city to find interesting places with lots of history, smell and character. For an ideal day we could start with a long breakfast in a good hotel and then walk along south side of Stockholm along the water. After visiting a few museums in town and the Castle, we could go to Animal Islands for lunch and visit more museums (Wasa and ABBA are a Must!) And in the evening go for a movie or a theater and dinner in one really good place (I know many near Stureplan or at Kungsholmen). Finally, at the end the great day with a drink in the bar at for example the Grand Hotel. I love my city because it’s fresh new and fast - very digital and new but with a long interesting history you easy find everywhere. I know a lots off places you should not miss so come visit Stockholm with me!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Sewing Yoga Teacher, Sales in IT, Leader Bike Guide, Host

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