Hi, I’m Baron


Hi, I’m Baron

I’ve lived in Stockholm for 2 years

I speak English, Mandarin

I am a photographer


Hello there! My nickname is Baron. I have been to 24 nations alone with my backpack and considered myself a cosmopolitan person. I love to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds, and I am always interested in travelers' experiences. I have lived in Stockholm for 2 years and explored many places in Sweden; so far, I still enjoy the diverse culture merging in the country, It's my longing to introduce Stockholm to the world! I study Media and like to play photography; I always feel excited to provide the tour photo service and show some unique Instagram spots for tourists! Feel free to check and follow me on Instagram If you are interested: @stockholm_blurfilm_studio. Let's hit on the street, visit ancient blocks, or sneak into nature. We will try all day long with delicious food and fancy Fika. (Swedish dessert with drink)

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Media studies Hosts expertise Food Hosts expertise Nature / outdoors Hosts expertise Shopping
Street food Local specialities Desserts Food markets Galleries Parks Gardens Scenic routes Hikes Social Buildings Cityscapes Street photography Instagrammable Modern Classical Everyday Vintage Markets Souvenirs Popular Lifestyle Rituals & Ceremonial Alternative / Underground

Experiences I love to host