Hi, I’m Natallia


Hi, I’m Natallia

I’ve lived in Barcelona for 9 years

I speak English, Spanish, Russian

I am a Project Manager at Digital Marketing Agency


I am an open and friendly person. I find it very easy to communicate and connect with people worldwide. My dear friends are saying it is my magic power to meet and connect with people and make them feel comfortable next to me. I am very curious about different cultures, history, art, innovations, etc in person. I love Barcelona so much and would love to share my favorite stories about it, to show my favorite buildings, coffee shops, craft shops, secret corners, restaurants, and parks. I was fascinated by this city since the first day. Since that moment my love just kept growing.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Master of Sociology: Innovations and transformation Hosts expertise Food Hosts expertise Drinks Hosts expertise Arts Hosts expertise Nature / outdoors Hosts expertise Shopping Hosts expertise Photography Hosts expertise Architecture Hosts expertise Culture
Local specialities Food markets Michelin starred Music Theater Film Galleries Street art Parks Gardens Scenic routes Wildlife Political Economic Social Buildings Cityscapes Street photography Instagrammable Modern Classical Wine Coffee Beer High fashion Everyday Vintage Traditional Popular Lifestyle Alternative / Underground

Experiences I love to host