Hi, I’m Li Wern

Li Wern

Hi, I’m Li Wern

I’ve lived in Singapore for 23 years

I speak English and some Mandarin



Hello!~ Li Wern here, I am a Singaporean, and Singapore has been my home for many years. What I love most about being a Singaporean is the diversity of culture that you find here, where different ethnicities live together harmoniously. We share our languages, love of food, and culture. We celebrate being Singaporeans with a strong sense of the "Kumpung" spirit. I come from a multicultural family and my husband is Korean. I find that the easiest way to experience what it is like living in Singapore is through food (and wine). When we have family visiting, we always bring them to eat a plethora of different cuisines, ranging from local ones to food from all over the world. I enjoy making friends and also discovering parts of this island with my daughter where we can have fun and spend time together.

My knowledge & interests

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