Hi, I’m Lea


Hi, I’m Lea

I’ve lived in Singapore for 28 years

I speak English, Mandarin, Shanghai Dialect

I am Product Manager


Hey there, I'm Lea, your warm and friendly local host in captivating Singapore. I'm here to curate an unforgettable experience just for you. As a seasoned guide, I understand the true essence of this vibrant city. What I absolutely adore about Singapore is its diverse culinary scene—every type of cuisine you can imagine, from the most budget-friendly to the most exquisite. Join me as we embark on a tantalizing journey, exploring new food spots and hidden gems tucked away in quiet, classy corners. With my expertise in CBD and River Valley neighborhoods, I'll show you the best-kept secrets and guide you to serene havens away from the crowds. Let's have a blast while uncovering the most delightful aspects of this incredible city together!

My knowledge & interests

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Street food Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Fine dining Unique & unusual foods Theater Cinema Art galleries & museums Street art Parks Gardens Wildlife Hikes Social history Street photography Modern architecture Classical architecture Wine Whiskey Third wave coffee Gin Local beers Artisanal tea High-end fashion boutiques Department stores Vintage shops Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Lifestyle culture Gourmet food Vegetarian food Vegan food Local speciality drinks Traditional drinks Japanese sake Painting Performance art Traditional art Thrift stores Second-hand markets Specialty shops Bookstores Video game stores Music stores Antique shops Landscape photography Sports photography Food photography Fashion photography Post-modern architecture Classical music Pop music Jazz music Rock music Country music Electronic music Hip-hop R&B Soul music

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