Hi, I’m Leonel


Hi, I’m Leonel

I’ve lived in Lisbon for 21 years

I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese

I am a Unemployed


Hi, my name is Leonel (Leo) I´ve grown up in Lisbon but I was out of the country for a fair time. Since I can remember Lisbon was always a magical city, old and pretty. When I was young I´d explore the parks around the city like Jardim da estrela, Parque do Monsanto, Jardim do campo grande, parque Eduardo sétimo, Jardim de belém and many others... In the past, these parks in the past would have Christmas time "Big" decorations of lights that for me made the city unique !!! But there´s the historical part that you learn in history class and could present and see throw the city, the downtown which was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755 that change the city view forever, Alfama the birthplace of fado(fado have a very similar root story as Jazz, they both were seen as and where would go before going to sailing to the unknown for months on the ocean, the unique architecture and the lifestyle. During my high school, I used to go often to the viewpoints ( miradouros: Graça, São Pedro de alcântara, Nossa Senhora do monte, etc.). I used to hang out there with my colleagues for hours until evening or even night on Fridays. During this period we didn´t have that many tourists as now and spots were quiet with more locals and youth. I used to love Autumn cause It will mean I would have some roasted chestnuts!!! Every autumn season you could find them in the supermarket or with street vendors. The summer cause it meant beach time, the spring cause it meant pré summer here in Portugal, and Winter.. well.. not a big fan of it. Winter just means a bit of cold and some periods of rain not the hardcore winter of central, northern, and eastern Europe. Well, you can use the winter in Lisbon to check the museums and if you look up when you enter a few of them for free( some are first Sunday of the month). Portugal is a very catholic country due to the long relationship with kings and later the first republic with the clerics, and you can see it through the many churches and cathedrals all over the city. Many of these sites have underground basements and hidden tunnels... Some conspiracies were told to me when I was young today I still find these urban myths fascinating. You can visit the churches and cathedrals for free or a fair amount of money worthy ( the tunnels and basements are not included XD) and also you could visit the roman ruins( I remember when I was a kid seeing the construction works digging that area for real state and months after I heard they found some ancient roman ruins It was all over the news channels). For me Quinta da regalia in Sintra is my top place to visit ( when the weather is good) cause it has a lot of history, culture, esoterism, and spirituality under that site, the stairs in the spiral are for a ritual of initiation and every stair represents a stage of conscience of man. Palacio da Pena is also cool but regalia gets the trophy. My secret spot in Lisbon is in Alcantara from the viewpoint of the Miradouro das Necessidades, it remains a quiet place, and nearby just on the side of the street is the Tapada das Necessidades which is a nice garden to visit apart from the Jardim Botanico near Marques Pombal.

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