Hi, I’m Miguel


Hi, I’m Miguel

I’ve lived in Lisbon for 19 years

I speak English, Portuguese and some French, Spanish

I am I'm a full-time student


Born and raised just outside Lisbon, 15 minutes of public transport away from the city center, I'm currently studying communication. I would describe myself as very observant and a good listener. I enjoy reading novels, scientific books, newspapers, magazines, etc. I try to spend a lot of time outside, and I would say that public parks are one of the spots I feel best. I like to interact with people from around the globe and compare their experiences and views of life; with mine. There's a multitude of reasons that'll make anyone love Lisbon. The Tejo river blesses us with some of the most beautiful sunset landscapes you'll ever find, and most of the time, there are live music concerts around that'll give you what everyone's looking for at that time of the day - relaxation. The chill vibe of the city: carries on to our lovely green spaces, which you'll run into everywhere around town; those are the spots college students, like me, tend to go to after class. The city also has an active nightlife that offers an array of choices, everything from vintage and cozy bars (the ones I enjoy the most) to discos that won't stop playing music until the sunrise. I cannot forget to mention the rich history of our town. The seven hills of Lisbon are covered; with things that evoke Portugal's unique past, and our interactive museums help unveil that. My favorite part of the city are its viewpoints: Miradouro do Torel, Miradouro das portas do Sol or even Terreiro do Paço, you name it. Nothing equals the feeling of seeing the sun go down into the river while having a beer with your friends.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Communication Science
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