Hi, I’m Josefina


Hi, I’m Josefina

I’ve lived in Lisbon for 8 years

I speak English, Portuguese

I am a Lawyer


I was born and raised in Madeira Island (Portugal) but have been living in Lisbon for almost 10 years. I spend my time going from the best viewpoints and rooftops in the city to the hidden spots off the tourist tracks. I guess you can say I like having my head in the clouds. I am an authentic food lover and a nature enthusiast. I am also a culture and history passionate so feel free to challenge me with trivia games! Fun fact: I have never gone an entire year without practicing sports ( horseback riding, volleyball, windsurf, canyoning, hiking, rollerblading, basketball, gym, you name it, I've done it), but I refuse to run a marathon. Almost any activity outdoors from riding a bike to enjoying the riverfront is a plus for me, and this is something we can do together during your visit!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Law Degree

Experiences I love to host