Hi, I’m Gozy


Hi, I’m Gozy

I’ve lived in Oslo for 1 years

I speak English

I am Teacher but now Sales representative


Hi! My name is Gozdem. I am 29 years old. I lived in Copenhagen for two years, and now I live in Oslo as my husband is Norwegian. I have a Bachelor's degree in Education. First of all, what I love about Oslo is how the city combines both: minimalistic and futuristic structures with historical & natural areas. I can be in Bjørvika in a much more postmodern environment with more socializing opportunities: and if I get overwhelmed or want to be closer to nature for peace and quiet, I can go to Ekeberg. I also love how systematic and accessible the topography of this city which makes it quite simple for people/tourists to be mobile. I would share museums like James Turrell- Skyspace in Ekebergparken, Folkemuseum, Botanical Gardens, Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Damstredet, Oscarshall, Vulkan, etc. with the clients as these hidden gems might be missed out by some. Secondly, getting to know the royal family, visiting the Royal House of Norway would be such a good experience as well as the Viking museum; which is unfortunately temporarily closed: however, there is a lot to learn from the new Nasjonalmuseet which is fun and informative at the same time. To experience nature nearer to water, I would recommend spending some time in Sognsvann Lake or Bygdøy or even taking a quick ferry ride from Aker Brygge is such a serene tour. Furthermore, one should visit Munch Museum and see the famous portrait of Scream by Edward Munch and learn about his very interesting and dramatic life story which also gives a great perspective of Norwegian art and artist. Moreover, Oslo is the host of many different food options. For Indian food lovers: Theka in Grunerløkka, Jaipur, and Masala Politics in Karl Johan can be good options while exploring one of the famous streets in Oslo. For far east lovers: I highly recommend Nodee Sky, which has a great view of Oslo from the terrace and serves delicious sushi and fish options where tourists can enjoy the fresh and natural taste of Norwegian salmon. For some Italian food: you can visit Olivia, Villa Paradiso, Taverna’n, and Eataly. With some great wine, a friendly atmosphere, and street location. For people who would like to eat authentic Italian ice cream, Paradis is a good option. Furthermore, we have Mexican options such as; Mucho Mas, Los Tacos, and Joses' Tacos & Quesadilla Bar. And for more fast food/American dinner and dessert we have; TGIFridays, Munchies, El Camino, and Tailormade. For Kebap lovers, the city also offers some great options such as Istanbul restaurant, Dronningens Kebap, or Oslo Kebap. Overall, the clients should visit Oslo to see how blended and diverse this city is, and it is possible to see, taste, experience, and learn a little bit from everything. And also to experiment in such a unique capital like Oslo, being on top of the Opera house, hiking, exploring different streets, seeing new and old, being in the harbor, drinking the best tap water in the world, meeting with Scandinavian people and culture, learning about Jentaloven, learning about the Scandinavian minimalism, getting acknowledged about Vikings and their legacy, observing the unique architecture.

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