Hi, I’m Bruno

Mexico City

Hi, I’m Bruno

I’ve lived in Mexico City for 27 years

I speak Spanish and some English

I am a Photographer


Hello, I'm a Mexican guy who was born and raised in Mexico City. What I find awesome about Mexico is that you can make a different list of to-dos every day. There is a variety of local food, restaurants, bakeries, performances, theaters, museums, and historical landmarks; there are so many museums, you'll need a month (or more) to visit each one. My favorite thing of course is the food. Finding tasty food at affordable prices is like an assignment to me, and I enjoy sharing with my family and friends the places that I've found. I was born and raised in Mexico City. I love Mexico City and I would like other people to experience and fall in love with my city as much as I have.

My knowledge & interests

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