Hi, I’m Pei


Hi, I’m Pei

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 3 years

I speak English, Mandarin, Japanese

I am a Financial Analyst


Hi! My name is Beni. Attracted by Japanese culture, I moved to Tokyo after finishing my master's degree in the United States. On weekdays I analyze investment risks for a global asset management company; on weekends I hop around exploring different facades of this city. I particularly enjoy visiting old shrines and learning the stories behind them. I'm also an Anime fan and go on a "pilgrimage tour" that occasionally covers famous anime scenes. Before settling down in Japan, I had traveling experiences in 8+ European countries during an exchange program in Germany, benefitting from hiking tours in Berlin, Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, etc. I found it a great way to learn about a city, and I'm excited about doing one of those myself someday!

My knowledge & interests

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