Hi, I’m Luca


Hi, I’m Luca

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 3 years

I speak English, Spanish, Italian

I am a Teacher


I've lived in this beautiful bustling city for three years. I like watching football matches, swimming and jogging. When I have time, I enjoy hiking and skiing in winter. Travelling is my life, I've travelled to about 50 countries in the world and lived in Ireland, Russia, China and Japan. As I like travelling, the history of the countries that I visit is important to me. I enjoy the atmosphere of old Tokyo, strolling in the park and particularly an area called Yanesen (Yanaka-old cemetery, Nezu and Sendagi) dotted with shrines, temples and small shops. Join me for lunch in the area- there are plenty of options in the park, like buying a bento (lunchbox) in a local supermarket or sitting in a simple cafe, to taste Japanese food like ramen, soba or udon (a type of Japanese pasta). I can take you to explore Akihabara and Sumida River. I live in Tokyo because you can find everything here. Italian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian and African food, events and so on. Tokyo is the only place where Shinto temples are found near sci-fi cityscapes. My favourite tourist spot is the Imperial Palace and my favourite hidden place? Yanaka cemetery surrounded by small temples and inhabited by local kitties.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Electronic Engineer

Experiences I love to host