Hi, I’m Kevin


Hi, I’m Kevin

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 4 years

I speak English, French and some Japanese

I am a Student


I’m Kevin from Benin. I came to Japan in 2018 and every day I always have something new to discover in Tokyo. Tokyo is a big city and its environmental plan is fascinating: parks and green spaces everywhere, trees and plants growing on skyscrapers, self-driving bus trains or cars, talking devices in all corners, vending machines, and so much more. Each of the four seasons has something specific to offer and you will never get bored. Takeshiba park is one of my favorite places. From there, the sunset is stunning, and the view of the rainbow bridge over the ocean and the bay illumination reflecting on the surface of the water make it a perfect scene for relaxing, reading, or having a conversation with friends and loved ones. Another place you shouldn’t skip when you visit Tokyo is Odaiba. I lived there for three years and I got to love the place to the point that even after moving to another city, I keep visiting Odaiba at least once every two weeks. Odaiba has many unscripted parks, places, and things that only long-time residents can discover. I would be pleased to introduce you to these unscripted places in and around Odaiba. Time flies when you visit shopping malls there such as DiverCity Tokyo Plazza in front of which is the giant regularly illuminated and animated Gundam, AquaCity Odaiba behind which there is the famous statue of liberty. From the Plazza of AquaCity Odaiba, you get a full view of the Odaiba beach adjacent to the Odaiba park. Shopping lovers, they may not get out of this mall until closing time. Restaurants and cafes are set up to give customers wonderful views of the ocean and the rainbow bridge. Last but not the least, walking the rainbow bridge gives you the entire image of the city, it’s an amazing experience that is worth a try. I would love to share everything that Tokyo has to share with you. See you soon!

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