Hi, I’m Robinn


Hi, I’m Robinn

I’ve lived in Sapporo

I speak English, Mandarin, Japanese, Malay, Thai

I am a Graduate Student


I’ve been told I make people laugh, a lot, as long as they get my jokes that is. I enjoy meeting people, making new friends and showing people around places they have yet to explore. I’m also a veterinarian, so I actually know quite a handful about animals, which can be very relatable to a lot of families or people who keep them as pets or are fascinated about animals. I enjoy food a lot. I would look for good food around, asking locals as well and Hunt them down so I can get an instragram worthy review. Sapporo is an exciting city, with parts which even I have yet to explore. Everyday is a new experience to gain from the city itself. It is vibrant, tourist friendly and as long as you know your maps well, getting around the city is a piece of cake. Sapporo is also a rather international city, due to the influx of international students in Hokkaido University. But that doesn’t discount the strong Japanese culture you are able to immerse in all corners of Sapporo. Be it the quaint areas of Toyohira or the busy Susukino; Sapporo is a place with best of all wor@ds, minus the crazy traffic and crowd in Tokyo

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Veterinary Medicine

Experiences I love to host