Hi, I’m Tanvi


Hi, I’m Tanvi

I’ve lived in Osaka for 1 years

I speak English, Hindi

I am a Student


Being an outgoing international student in one of the most interesting cities on the planet, I know about everything from alternative, foreigner-held events to local events that tourists are not necessarily privy to. I also know where to shop for unique thrift finds and even the latest in Japanese fashion. Of course, Osaka is known for its nightlife and I highly recommend exploring the quirky bars throughout the city- although, finding good places when there are hundreds of bars within five minutes can be a challenge. Fortunately, it's something I am really good at, so I'd be happy to show you to some of my favourites. I love Osaka because you never run out of things to explore. You could visit the city for a couple of days or a couple of weeks and still find different things to do every day. I think that the most exciting thing to do in Osaka is to go where the local's hangout- anywhere from a park to a bar. The thing that defines Osaka's soul for me is the fact that it is a non-conformist city in an otherwise, order-oriented country. I am constantly looking for hidden places in the city and I know several now but, I hope to discover more over time.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Currently working towards a Bachelor's in Human Science

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