Hi, I’m Dan


Hi, I’m Dan

I’ve lived in Nagoya for 19 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am Teacher


Hey there! I'm Dan, your friendly neighborhood host here in Nagoya. As a proud Nagoya resident, I know every nook and cranny of this vibrant place like the back of my hand, especially when it comes to the best craft beer spots, serene gardens, and intriguing museums. What do I adore the most about Nagoya? The mouthwatering food scene never fails to impress. And let's not forget the charm of strolling through the historic Osu shopping district, where tradition meets modernity in the most fascinating ways. When I'm not busy showing off the wonders of Nagoya, you can find me indulging in the culinary delights scattered across the city or unwinding in one of our picturesque gardens. So, if you're looking to experience the heart and soul of Nagoya, I'm your guy. Let's explore this incredible city together!

My knowledge & interests

Local cuisine Parks Gardens Scenic routes Architectural history Cityscape photography Street photography Modern architecture Wine Third wave coffee Local beers Department stores Street markets Traditional culture Popular culture Traditional art Specialty shops Wildlife photography Food photography Post-modern architecture Baroque architecture Ottoman architecture Pop music R&B Soul music

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