Hi, I’m Michael


Hi, I’m Michael

I’ve lived in Kyoto for 17 years

I speak English and some Japanese

I am a Teacher and Musician


Hi, my name is Michael, I am a musician, teacher, and lover of Japan who has lived in the Kyoto/Osaka area since 2006. When I first came to Kyoto in 2006, it felt as though my soul became a harp, being movingly plucked by the beauty and mystery of a city that was instantly dear to me. As I moved through its streets, there seemed to be no end to its wonders and fascinations, from beautiful temples, shrines, and gardens, to quirky yet modern restaurants, plazas, and shopping streets. Now, though I know Kyoto like the back of my hand, I've never taken it for granted and would be delighted to guide any tourist through its many endearing streets and pathways. I know Osaka fairly well too, but Kyoto is my true "home".

My knowledge & interests

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