Hi, I’m Maiko


Hi, I’m Maiko

I’ve lived in Kanazawa for 19 years

I speak English

I am a a project manager for editing English language free magazine


Hi, I am a local guide in Kanazawa, Japan. I've lived here for around 20 years and I've been a member of a volunteer guide since 2014. My main job is editing an English-language free magazine that introduces Kanazawa. I have six years of career. I also have been a member of operating Geisha events for international travelers since 2016, I've been in charge of MC, a ticket seller, and a concierge for recommended dinner places to our customers. I like eating and drinking local food, especially Washoku, such as Sashimi, Sushi with Sake, and I love scotch whisky, especially smoked ones. I also like classical music and I've been playing violin for ten years! I would be happy if I could show you how nice our place is, Kanazawa!

My knowledge & interests

Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Art galleries & museums Gardens Political history Modern architecture Whiskey Department stores Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Lifestyle culture

Experiences I love to host