Hi, I’m Masa


Hi, I’m Masa

I’ve lived in Hiroshima for 62 years

I speak English

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Hey there! I'm Masa, your friendly local host here in beautiful Hiroshima. Nothing beats the hospitality of Hiroshima, and you'll often find me lost in conversation with visitors sharing stories and laughter. I enjoy the simple joys of walking and soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds us. From the maple leaves in fall to the blossoms of cherry trees in April, Hiroshima's landscapes are a sight to behold. Let's talk about Hiroshima's culinary wonders! Oysters, okonomiyaki, and momijimanjyu – I can't get enough of the local flavors. You'll often spot me in the Okonomiyaki Village, enjoying the city's foodie delights. I know the ins and outs of the city – from hidden gems off the main streets to the go-to spots for locals, consider me your go-to source for all things Hiroshima. I can't wait to share the warmth and wonders of my beloved city with you! See you soon.

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Street food Local cuisine Parks Gardens Social history Classical architecture Department stores Traditional culture Popular culture Rituals & ceremonial customs Local speciality drinks Japanese sake Traditional art Landscape photography Sports photography Food photography Night photography Nature photography Pop music Folk music

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