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Free trip planning livestream

Livestream from Rome

30 mins

A masterclass in Italian culinary etiquette

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What this livestream is about

Italians don’t eat to live; they live to eat. Food is a part of Italian culture that filters into several aspects of everyday life, so don’t expect an Italian to share your attitude towards eating. Hop on a video call with a local to find out everything there is to know about food etiquette in Italy.

We’ll make sure you don’t turn heads for the wrong reasons when you’re dining out in this culinary capital. From breakfast to after-dinner drinks, we’ll take you through a day of eating like an Italian. Did you know it’s a no-no to order a cappuccino after midday? Or the fact that salad dressing isn’t a thing – only olive oil and vinegar?

The last thing you want to do in Italy is make a foodie faux pas! We’ll make sure you know to order wine with dinner, never before, and that the bread basket is strictly for sopping up the sauce, not as a pre-dinner snack. Blending in with the locals will be easier than ever.

How to participate

After booking you will receive a zoom link to join the livestream. Check out these system requirements to make sure your device will work.

The session is interactive, so you’ll be able to communicate with your host and other guests via chat as much or as little as you like.