Hi, I’m Mathieu


Hi, I’m Mathieu

I’ve lived in Dublin for 3 years

I speak English, French

I am a Tour Guide


Hi, I'm Mathieu, your spirited host in the heart of Dublin, a city as rich in history as it is in heartwarming pints of Guinness. I'm passionate about sharing the 2000-year journey of this city, from its Celtic roots to its vibrant present. Walking through Dublin's storied streets, from the bustling O'Connell Street to the historic Liberties, is like flipping through the pages of an open-air museum. I revel in unveiling Dublin's hidden gems, those magical spots that surprise and delight, leaving visitors starry-eyed. With a deep knowledge of Dublin's epic saga—spanning Early Christians, Vikings, and the quest for independence—I'm here to bridge the past and present over the Liffey's iconic spans. Join me for a journey filled with laughter, creativity, and genuine connection, and let's make your Dublin experience unforgettable!

My knowledge & interests

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