Hi, I’m Caspar


Hi, I’m Caspar

I’ve lived in Berlin for 2 years

I speak English, German

I am a Freelance Musician


I love getting to know new people and places. I'm completely in love with Berlin's vibrant mix of history and new beginnings, excellence in traditional art forms as well as alternative music, theatre and visual arts. I'm a classical singer but have always had very broad interests; for many years I specialised in traditional dance and percussion from Latin America and the Caribbean and I still play with a Cuban percussion ensemble here in Berlin. Apart from music I have a passion for fine food and drink, religion, philosophy, history, queer and alternative histories and museums as well as visual arts from painting to cinema and how they link with wider artistic movements such as Bauhaus and Dada. Among my other jobs I have been a care-worker, story-teller and workshop leader, so I have great experience working with children, young people and those with special needs. I'm a generous Host and love connecting people and showing them new places, stories and ideas that others have shared with me.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation University of Edinburgh

Experiences I love to host