Hi, I’m Mansur


Hi, I’m Mansur

I’ve lived in Berlin for 4 years

I speak English, German and some Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese

I am a Account Manager


Hi, My name is Mansur; nice to meet you. I have studied history and political science, and I'm very interested in the divided history of this city. Also, I'm very interested in Art and Culture. I have lived in Berlin now for around five years. Since I practice Stand Up Comedy in my free time, I would like to combine teaching and showing the art and history of Berlin in a fun way. Also, I know the nightlife and insider tips about Berlin regarding; Bars, Open Mics, Improv, and Food Markets very well. At the same time, I'm very open to learning new things regularly to improve the shared information with the clients.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation History & Political Science Hosts expertise Drinks Hosts expertise History Hosts expertise Culture
Street food Local specialities Food markets Music Theater Film Galleries Street art Political Economic Social Buildings Modern Classical Wine Whiskey Coffee Gin Beer Tea Markets Stand Up Comedy

Experiences I love to host