Hi, I’m Marina


Hi, I’m Marina

I’ve lived in Berlin for 3 years

I speak English, German, Russian, Hebrew

I am a Student


Berlin is an open-minded, crazy and colorful city and I would love to show it to you! As an art and cultural studies student, my passions involve everything connected to the arts. Besides internationally aknoweledged museums the city's landscape is greatly defined by its street art. Nevertheless in this metropole you can also find a lot of nature and little alleys with bookstations, Cafés and vintage stores. I live for music and thus my tours would involve some of my favorite spots where you can find street musicians and if you play an instrument feel free to bring it along and we can find time to play together! I have lived in Berlin for the past 2 years, meeting and getting to know a lot of people from all over to world - I hope you can be next! Looking forward to a funny and exciting experience with you!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Art history

Experiences I love to host