Hi, I’m Daniela


Hi, I’m Daniela

I’ve lived in Berlin for 4 years

I speak English, Spanish, German

I am a Art director


Hi all! My name is Daniela from Mexico City and I’ve been living in Berlin for almost four years. I know it pretty well as I’m a huge street art fan and I got to travel all over the city to view the best pieces. There’s some really unknown and amazing places where you can see some excellent examples! I also like to go to art events, galleries and meet new people and travellers. I’m always recommending cool underground places, Berliner only spots, vintage and second hand stores to provide the best thrifting hunting experiences. I’m a currently obsessed with fashion and I found so many great places where to cultivate my passion in this wonderful and crazy city. Whenever my friends and family come to visit I like to show them around through all the historical places, monuments and closest cities so they can experience a truly complete trip. One of the laws in my head is: life is a dialogue, not an argument. So I’m always curious and wanting more. My only wish is to make you feel like a Berliner, even for a day.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation I studied three years visual communications and two years Art history. I also worked as a production designer and I’m currently into fashion design

Experiences I love to host