Hi, I’m Michel


Hi, I’m Michel

I’ve lived in Paris for 33 years

I speak English, French

I am Consultant


Bonjour! I'm Michel, your trusty local host in the City of Love, Paris. If you're looking for a host who can navigate the city like a pro, look no further! I know the city inside and out, from the iconic Tour Eiffel to the bustling streets of Montparnasse and Les Halles. I even know how to navigate the roundabouts of Concorde and the winding streets of Montmartre with my eyes closed! (Okay, maybe not literally with my eyes closed, but you get the point.) Now, let's talk about why I love Paris. It's a city where you can find everything, from world-famous cafes to the quietest library corners. And I'm not just talking about the obvious things like croissants and wine (although those are certainly not to be missed). I mean, you can find anything your heart desires in Paris! When it comes to creating a city tour, I'm your guy. I know all the iconic monuments and hidden gems that make Paris the unique and unforgettable city it is. And most importantly, I always add a touch of humor to every tour because let's face it, laughter is the best souvenir. So, if you're ready for a fun-filled adventure in Paris, grab your walking shoes, and let's go! I promise to make your time in the city a memorable one.

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